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About Me

Hello, I'm Jake, I'm currently 17 years of age living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I'm very passionate about business and the art of making money, ever since I can remember I've been involved with working around business, how they operate and make a profit.

Since I thoroughly enjoy this area of business and work, they are what I have based my current subjects around that i'm currently studying. These subjects include Business of Management, Certificate III in business and Technology, and also Legal studies. All of which cover the key and main points of business such as finance, accounting, advertisement, economics and entrepreneurship. These all work very well together since they look at the different areas that I can study when I leave school and go in to university.

I love to travel, over the last couple of years I've been to Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and all over Australia! As you can see to the right I have also sponsered several penguins at Sea World on the Goldcoast of Queensland, Australia. I also look mighty fine in a suit!

My Portfolio

As an Entrepreneur I like to spend time and resources investing in many different markets! I currently have shares and investments in the following:

Share Market
» Last year I started investing in the share market and I have seen my portfolio rise quite quickly!

Currency Trading
» I have invested in a vast range of different currency's including US, CNY, EURO and several others!

Gold and Silver Investments
» I'm invested in both gold and silver bullion's so far and look to invest in others!

Precious Gems
» I have also invested in several different types of stones and gems!


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For now you can shoot me an email here or at any of the social networks listed in the Social Section above.